Hudson NY Speeding Ticket Attorney

Our office represents clients with speeding tickets and other charges of violating state Vehicle & Traffic law in the Hudson Valley and City of Hudson, NY. Hudson Valley counties we cover are limited to Ulster, Greene, and Columbia counties. As these Hudson Valley courts sometimes require personal appearances to answer tickets, please contact us about our fees for tickets issued there.

In 1785 the City of Hudson was chartered as the only the third city in the state. Their official website says that Henry Hudson was probably the first European explorer to visit the area now known as Hudson.

Being that the city is located in Columbia County, you're likely to have a more difficult time with a New York speeding ticket or other traffic violation there. Columbia County is known for being a tough place to deal with traffic tickets and the courts seem to like to keep attorneys from outside the county away. Personal appearances are usually required, which means you will likely have to go to court for your ticket, unless of course you want to hire an attorney to go for you or enter a plea of guilty and accept the attached consequences. Attorney Randall Kehoe has been representing clients with New York state traffic tickets since 1990 and will usually charge $295 if a personal appearance is required. But please call our office to discuss details of your case and to see if we have available time on the calendar or can otherwise get an adjournment from the court. If you are worried about the points, insurance increase, heavy fines, and maybe even driving restrictions that may come with a guilty plea in Hudson call our office for a free consultation or submit an inquiry here on our website.

Hudson DWI Defense

We represent clients faced with DWI charges in the following Hudson Valley counties: Greene, Ulster, and Columbia as well as those charged with DWI in the City of Hudson, NY. With strict penalties at stake for those convicted of DWI - by alcohol or other drugs - these cases must be handled with care by an attorney experienced handling these cases. Mr. Kehoe has been defending clients charged with DWI since 1990 and has an intimate knowledge of DWI law in counties surrounding the Greater Capital District. To speak with Mr. Kehoe regarding the details of your case, please contact our office by phone or email.

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